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108 min.
Shawn Levy
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
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1.1% (1:89)
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  1. porscheguy19's avatar


    Great movie to watch with little kids. Adventure and suspense and great comedy - from a child's perspective. It annoys the hell out of me; but my kids love it.

    Definitely get it for your kids.
    10 years 9 months ago
  2. buc86's avatar


    Pretty generic dead beat dad story which a few fun action bits.

    Can't stand Ben Stiller or his son, the other night watchmen were fun though, we needed more of them. Ricky Gervais is miscast in a massive way, just because he played a boss in The Office, does not mean he can play the dickish boss that orders the main character about, that wasn't his character in The Office. Very much a kids movie, but at least there is only one gross-out moment where a monkey pisses everywhere.

    One part that really REALLY pissed me off though. Stiller tells the love interest what happens at night, that everything comes to life. Of course, she doesn't believe him. In the VERY NEXT SCENE, he's planning to show his son everything and he says "if I told you, you'd think I was crazy". Wha- th- you won't tell a kid because you know he wouldn't believe you, but you tell grown women that seems quite well educated, that inanimate objects come to life at night, and just hope she takes your word for it!?

    Also, there is a part just before that where Stiller's ex-wife sees he's planning on showing his son his new job, seems logical right. But then she calls him into another room and asks "what are you doing?" like he's planning something crazy. I don't get this lady's problem, he's just showing his son where he works, he's not jumping off a building. She also assumes the son will be disappointed but it's not clear why. Maybe a scene that showed Stiller's character is a bad father was cut.
    11 months 1 week ago
  3. DisneyStitch's avatar


    At first glance it may seem like it holds something for adults as well as the kids but it becomes rather obvious it doesn't have it. Somehow Ben Stiller's character annoys the crud out of me in this movie and I think it's a combination of his acting style and character lines. 4 years 5 months ago
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