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467 min.
Ezra Edelman
Crime, Biography, History, Documentary
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14.7% (1:7)
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  1. Groovy09's avatar


    Before going in to this film, I knew very little about O.J Simpson. Other than he was that guy from 'The Naked Gun' movies and that he was involved in a murder-case in the early 90's, I knew absolutely nothing about him as a person or his life. I didn't even knew that other than being an actor, that he was also a legendary football-player and a cultural icon. However, this 7 hour documentary epic is easily one of the best and most enlightened experiences that I have ever had in a long time.
    Since to me this film is not just about the rise and fall of O.J, but an epic and fascinating commentary on american culture itself, from media and celebrity worship to America's troubling race-realations throughout it's history.
    I never tought that a documentary about one of the biggest murder-cases in American-history could be so engaging and interesting, but thanks to phenomenal editing and storytelling, I was never bored during it's 7 hour runtime.
    An incredible achievement in documentary-filmmaking.
    2 years 7 months ago
  2. ianjd's avatar


    Deserves much more attention from general audiences. I don't care about sports, and I don't care about O.J., but this documentary is an enlightening experience--sheds a lot of light on race relations in 20c USA, particularly L.A. The title is very apt, as only in America could O.J. exist: a widely loved and hated celebrity with a fascinating and fluctuating dynamic with the black and white communities. 3 years 1 month ago
  3. HellOui's avatar


    Seems that for some reason this isn't getting the buzz that some of the other recent big name docs like Making a Murderer or The Jinx received and I'm not sure why as I think it might be better than both of them. Great reviews, 100% on RT but I don't hear anyone talking about it really. Maybe being released so soon after the FX series wasn't a great idea as people might have a little OJ overload. I watched the FX series and enjoyed it very much and was wondering myself if I needed another 8 hrs on the same topic, but this is a VERY different thing. Truly great doc that covers WAY more than just the trial and the 5 episodes just flew by for me. I am a big 30 for 30 fan, almost all of them have been enjoyable for me, but this one is just on a whole different level. Highly recommended. 3 years 3 months ago
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