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  1. HEMA's avatar


    I can see where you're coming from, I quite enjoyed it, but did notice the irregularities in the accents.
    I did think the Shelbys were supposed to be Irish living in Birmingham, so I thought Murphy was perfectly cast?
    3 years 5 months ago
  2. MrDoog's avatar


    Right then since there aren't any other comments...

    Normally these types of historic / crime dramas would be exactly my cup of tea, however, Peaky Blinders falls far short of the mark.

    The Pros:
    Decent actors. Beautifully shot with meticulous attention to detail for props, costumes etc.

    The Cons:
    The casting. It's almost as if this was some practical joke being played. Our main character is from Birmingham, England and portrayed by a man from the very south of Ireland. The love interest is from Galway, west of Ireland and portrayed by a Londoner. The antagonist is supposed to be from Belfast but is played by a New Zealander. It's baffling and very annoying if you have a trained ear for these particular accents.
    Bizarrely, even the Shelby family alone speak nothing alike one another - oh and their father is played by a Scotsman. Oki doke.

    That irritation aside, the plot is quite flat and the whole thing feels rather dull. There are no surprises, the show just seems to drift by without ever hitting a higher gear. No surprises with a lackluster delivery.

    Additionally, the soundtrack is simply atrocious. For all the work put into costumes, make up and creating the setting, the show's music score manages to undo much the built up atmosphere. The White Stripes playing to slow motion sequences in a show that's set post WW1 is peculiar at best.

    Finally, Sam Neill is a terrible actor. His accent is appalling and his delivery is just cringeworthy. It doesn't help that his character is very two dimensional, a shadow of similar antagonists seen before in superior productions. Combine poor writing with equally substandard acting and you have a character that makes you sigh every time a scene of his begins.

    Tepid, dull and predictable, I wouldn't recommend this show.
    5 years 3 months ago
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