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101 min.
Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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1.7% (1:59)
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  1. ChrisReynolds's avatar


    Mildly diverting entertainment for horror fans, but this is an unimpressive, unconvincing version of the story. King's horror works because it is the intrusion of the uncanny into a down-to-earth vision of the modern world. This film is very much in the style of currently-fashionable supernatural horror, divorcing the film from realism by locating the creepy cemetery in a lightning-lit CGI dimension, and going for jump scares over psychological dread. 11 months 3 weeks ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    Full disclosure, I've never seen the original Pet Sematary movie nor read the book. I'm not much of a Stephen King guy. I did learn from friends that they switched around a couple things in the remake's plot, but I have no real basis for comparison, so I'm coming to this as if it were the story's first adaptation. I tells its story well enough, a tale of SOMEthing in the woods raising the dead, first pets, but what next? The principals, adults and children both (oh, and felines too), give good performances even if the movie could have stressed the pull of the Wendigo a bit more to explain their characters' motivations a bit more. Of course, there's the King trope of people getting creepy visions no matter what the supernatural element. Possibly why I'm not a King guy. The subject matter is unsettling on the surface of it, but it should be more so when you're killing and undead-ing pets and other loved ones. The movie doesn't seem to want to show any really distressing moment, as if going for a PG-13 rating (which it didn't get anyway). So it's fine, but it doesn't really add anything to the genre or to the canon of Stephen King adaptations. Without its jump scares, would I even have reacted strongly to anything? 11 months 3 weeks ago
  3. Emiam's avatar


    Exciting 'til the end and good length. Chooses not to plagiarize the first movie from 1989 of King's book with the same name, which is obviously good. Good acting.
    7 months ago
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