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    Technically, really flawed, but amazing characters! They have me laughing and smiling every single time I go back and watch it again.

    My main problems with it vary - some characters have way too sudden of a moral change (Baloo's arc, but that I can forgive, for it does make Baloo a lot more lovable right off the bat), and the ammount of times they recycled shots was annoying. The movie does slow down at bits (some scenes are absolutely unnecessary), but I mean...

    Can anyone really say that they didn't love it? The songs are memorable, especially Bare Necessities (which is a genius piece of songwriting, by the way), and Phil Harris' voice is just orgasmic, for the lack of a better word. I do think that, as an adult, there are identifiable problems with it, but when it comes to feeling like a kid all over again and just ENJOYING a film for its heart, rather than for its objectivity, I think this one's a marvelous animation.

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