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The Navigator has a strong romcom premise: Saboteurs cut a ship adrift, and the only two souls aboard are Buster Keaton and his unrequited love. I'd watch this as a talky! As is, there are a lot of neat bits, though sometimes the set-ups are rather forced, but as long as they allow for Keaton's brand of physical comedy and stuntmanship, who am I to argue? You could say this an hour's worth of Keaton almost drowning, and as usual for him, it looks quite dangerous. In fact, the last act sort of forgets it's a comedy and goes for a big adventure set piece, dated because there's nothing so early-20th as your heroes running from island cannibals, is there? This is in contrast with the film's otherwise cartoony antic. And I mean it. It's a living cartoon, with gags you would expect from the Loony Tunes, especially in the underwater scene heralded by the poster. It's completely ridiculous. Somehow, my favorite bit is one of the simplest ones - Buster trying to shuffle some very wet cards. That one got me good.
1 year 1 month ago
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This one didn’t click with me as much as i would’ve hoped. Although the ocean liner acts as a great prop for Buster Keaton’s personal brand of mischief, for my own subjective taste, The Navigator is just a bit short on plot, laughs, surprises and only picks up a bit of momentum in the third act. Still an enjoyable, but second rate Buster flick compared with the two masterpieces preceding it.
3 months 2 weeks ago
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Funny and very short movie..
9 years 2 months ago
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