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A too thin plot. But what a nice and imaginatively wonderful CGI - that is the plus in the grade!! Disney finally made a great lenght family movie at 1:39 h (the first time in several years), but when the movie ended it suddenly felt short - it could easily have been 2 h to fill out the story around the four worlds. You can easily see this with the kids again - of course! But how the heck did the Swedish film industry think when you did not (!) dub into Swedish so younger children can see it - now my 5-year-old daughter has to wait until 5th grade in school when she can both read subtitles AND start understanding English, that is many years left there!!!??? Here, Disney lost movie money, I can say!
5 months 2 weeks ago
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In questo film Disney si รจ fatto uso di cavalli.
1 month 1 week ago
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That plot was all over the place and so much plot holes.
10 months ago
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This movie was really dumb. It's kind of a sequel to the classic nutcracker story. The visuals are pretty, the acting is mostly okay, but the story makes zero sense. There's plotholes, cheesyness, and all the characters are shallow and one-dimensional. I pretty much hated the main character, because she's touted at this genius girl coming to save the country, yet she doesn't see the most obvious double-cross in the world coming. She's dumb as rocks and so is the movie.
1 year 1 month ago
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