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The Sandlot is a charming piece of nostalgic Americana, and because it's told by the adult version of one of the kids who, over the course of the film, spends a summer in the early 60s playing baseball and retrieving a ball from the monstrous dog behind the fence, the cornball elements are sold completely. Of course it's an idealized childhood with a fantastical creature and crazy contraptions! It's how the story is told, embellishments and all. And I quite like films that pull a Munchausen without overtly saying so. The Sandlot is a film for the whole family without being only for kids, and it's filled with memorable scenes, characters and dialog. Entirely pleasant.
8 years ago
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Kid's stuff
5 years 11 months ago
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quite lovely
12 years 6 months ago
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One of the comfiest movies ever.
3 years 3 months ago
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13 years 8 months ago
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