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Definitely a very good movie, though I don't think it should be ranked as the best of all time by IMDb. Because of the nature of the IMDb's consensus voting I think it gets to the top because it's the most difficult movie to dislike, rather than one which might be better, but contain challenging elements which might cause some people to rate it lower. I don't want to sound too down on this film though because I do like it. It puts across its themes of hope and redemption well, it's got a great script, and great acting across the board. Some of the plot seems a little forced at times, but the movie does a very good job of allowing the viewer to sympathesis with Andy Dufresne and root for him to succeed.
8 years 8 months ago
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Really good movie. But not necessarily the best movie ever. Watch it, but don't expect a masterpiece.
8 years 1 month ago
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this must be the only movie where a banker is a cool guy
6 years 4 months ago
Book of Sand's avatar

Book of Sand

The definition of middlebrow cinema
10 years 11 months ago
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A beautiful movie, the story was great! good acting and well shot. A must see for everyone. Now I understand why it is in so many top lists, it deseves them! Big time.
8 years 11 months ago
Dieguito's avatar


Great movie, and in my favorites list, but not even close to the 50 best movies ever made..
9 years 1 month ago
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Awesome it is!

How come I only watched it now?

No wonder it's number 1 in so many lists...
8 years 11 months ago
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I thought this movie is so overrated but the script was really good. The only reason why I called this overrated because top 10 of all time??? NO, just no.
4 years 7 months ago
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I remember my brother saying one of our teachers believed Andy to be guilty, hence the "redemption" part. Is there actually evidence to back this up?
7 years ago
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It is a very solid movie. Does it deserve to be as high on as many lists as it is, of course not. But I guess the draw of this movie is that it is high art that just about everyone can relate to. That is hard to do. So in that way, this movie is quite an accomplishment.
9 years 7 months ago
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One of the most inspiring films of all.
9 years 11 months ago
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It's impossible to hate this movie.
10 years 11 months ago
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I wouldn't call it the absolute greatest film ever, but it's up there. I'd say it's the most inspiring film ever though.
9 years 3 months ago
karic's avatar


The definition of overrated.
3 years 6 months ago
Abqari56's avatar


Horrible overrated movie.
4 years 7 months ago

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