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107 min.
James Cameron
Action, Sci-Fi
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4.5% (1:22)
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  1. Jordan95's avatar


    The Terminator has long been one of my favourite films and rewatching it on the big screen just a few hours ago, I realized to what extent the film is embedded in my memory. I could remember practically every sequence, every dialogue and every track of Brad Fiedel's unmistakable soundtrack. If that isn't sign of a film's impact, then nothing is.

    Although the sequel is admittedly the superior film in many aspects, it possesses a more commercial approach as opposed to the nightmarish atmosphere of The Terminator. Cameron's early films were masterclasses in tension and non-stop action sequences, and he consistently exhibits these qualities throughout the film's numerous set-pieces, which provide a relentless and intense experience with few contemporary equals. Also of note is the fact that unlike Cameron's recent and overbloated works, there's not a single unnecessary moment in the film.

    My enjoyment of the film still remains as intact as usual despite the dated special effects and ocassionally clunky acting from the leads. Linda Hamilton's performance, although superior in the sequel, is still very fitting as the innocent and desperate Sarah Connor. Michael Biehn provides a rugged quality to his character and Arnold still remains an undeniably intimidating presence.

    The Terminator is a unrelenting action film which will long remain to be among my top films of all time.
    5 years 2 months ago
  2. Zeltaebar's avatar


    This movie holds up well, but not because of its action sequences which are average. Rather, it's the music, the atmosphere, the ideas behind the story, a very good cast with great chemistry between the two main leads, and especially Scwarzenegger in his most iconic role ever. More of a thriller and perhaps less fun than the second and even third movie, but grittier and darker. When it comes to the Terminator character, this is the one I prefer, no comedy, no mercy - just plain badass! 8 years 1 month ago
  3. Msainy's avatar


    Sequel(s)? The third and fourth are laughable.
    The Second one was good but I prefer the original.
    And lol @ this tagged under horror
    9 years 6 months ago
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