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130 min.
Brad Bird
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Family
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2.7% (1:37)
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  1. lachyas's avatar


    This was a bit of a mess, particularly the final act, but yet somehow I've been thinking about Tomorrowland a lot since watching it four months ago and, having recently rewatched it, I've decided that I actually really like it. Even if I can't quite articulate why. I guess for me it perfectly captures that classic, indescribable Spielbergian feeling of nostalgic awe that so many other films try and fail to recreate.

    A lot of that is owed to the long take shot of Tomorrowland, which is one of the most magnificent scenes of 2015. Just like the protagonist you try to soak up every last detail of the fully-realised Tomorrowland in that short three-minute period, and Bird displays more creativity and sense of wonder in this one scene than most films do in their entire runtime. It's a shame that we're over-saturated with flashy long takes at the moment (see also San Andreas and American Ultra), because a couple of years ago the technical wizardry behind this scene would have blown everyone's minds and perhaps earned the film more positive word of mouth.

    The whole thing just feels so well-intentioned that I'm surprised many have taken against it so strongly. The message is a positive one in my opinion about not giving up hope even when things feel hopeless, even if the way Lindelof conveys this message is ham-fisted and inelegant. Thankfully Bird picks up the slack with some typically creative and fun action set pieces, particularly the home invasion sequence, which plays out something like a scifi version of Home Alone. The actors match this level of energy throughout, with the highlight being Raffey Cassidy, who steals the show, which is no small feat when matched with George Clooney.

    So despite the fact that I really should dislike Tomorrowland, as it displays many of the problems that I find unforgivable in other movies, there's just something intangible about it that keeps me coming back and hovering over that Favourite button. Maybe tomorrow.
    3 years 7 months ago
  2. fonz's avatar


    I enjoyed this a lot more than I should have. Perhaps that is due to the message at its core of not losing the dreamer that is slowly beaten out of you as frustration and failure become the standard. Yes there are late act problems that fail to live up to the promise of the beginning but that is to be expected from a Damon Lindelof script. Not knowing that he was the writer was why I looked forward to this and realizing that he was partially responsible is why I lowered my expectations significantly enough to just enjoy the ride. The kid in me loved this and despite overhearing actual kids outside of the theater saying "the ending sucked but the rest was cool" gave me hope that maybe not all is lost. 3 years 12 months ago
  3. Withnail33's avatar


    A little disappointed when the overall message made itself apparent about half way through the film. Its obvious Bird (and, of course, Clooney) are big on making positive changes for our environment/society, etc but I started to roll my eyes when their social commentary started playing a part in the overall plot. The ending almost felt like one of the commercials big name companies market to make themselves look like "your friendly corporation".

    However, what made this entertaining was the action scenes - something Bird is very capable at doing and pulls off very well (as we've seen in Mission Impossible 4 and The Incredibles). He knows how to balance elements of action and humor while keeping an adventurous sort of pace; it was done well in this film. I also thought the contraptions were fun and the world of "Tomorrow Land" was creative. Another thing I liked was the girl who played Athena - she played the role quite well and, for some reason, reminded of a small Audrey Hepburn.

    Overall, Tomorrowland is a pretty good action/sci-fi film that kids and adults can enjoy. It has great action scenes and a good helping of funny moments as well. The social commentary can be a bit preachy but it does not ruin the film.
    4 years ago
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