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93 min.
Danny Boyle
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9.5% (1:10)
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  1. Cadeicus's avatar


    Not a film to watch whilst eating you dinner. I learnt the hard way. 8 years 11 months ago
  2. woksin's avatar


    Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream should be standard school movies to promote anti-drug 10 years 1 month ago
  3. NourNasreldin's avatar


    Watching this particular film can be immensely shocking during the first encounter. You watch all those mortifying scenes and you try to shut your eyes at certain points but then, then you take it all in and start to make sense of it. The brilliance of the film in my own opinion is in
    its cinematography and highly entertaining content. The photography along with the lighting is captivating like in scenes where the main character almost dies from drug use and so the scene is kind of shot from a person in a grave perspective, now that was pure brilliance. My expectations about films that deal with drugs and drug abusers are usually that they would be slow paced, boring and dull but, surprisingly, Trainspotting is far from being even a bit boring. I was enjoying every bit of it until the very end.

    The thing about Trainspotting is that it’s not taking sides; it doesn’t address drug abuse directly as a good or a bad thing, instead it shows you what it would be like to choose living over becoming an addict. It just deals with the characters’ different stories of struggle. Those who decide to quit and those who decide to suddenly start. The film has many psychedelic flashes yet the story and the idea are simple and not at all hard to comprehend. I also have to comment on the excellence of the performance delivered by Ewan McGregor. I say this film is for everyone to watch, and then they decide to look at it the way they want to because there is simply no idea being forced here.

    Trainspotting is a disturbing film, that’s a fact but, it is also one that you cannot be reckless enough not to watch. So, if you decide to watch Trainspotting, prepare to get hit hard (really hard) but also, prepare to be amazed.
    10 years ago
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