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141 min.
Patty Jenkins
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, War, sci_fi
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6.9% (1:15)
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  1. Shazaaaam's avatar


    Pros: some terrific fight sequences, lots of charisma from Gadot and Pine, and some good fish-out-of-water humor when Diana hits London.

    Cons: endless, nonsensical magical fight scene to close out the film; Steve Trevor's boring, stereotypical "squad of misfits"; long speeches about the dual nature of man that were already cliche 50 years ago.

    Worth my $11 to see, but I'm surprised this has been such a critical darling.
    5 months 3 weeks ago
  2. PieceOfMetal's avatar


    Overrated 5 months 2 weeks ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Wonder Woman had me teary-eyed for the first two acts, and sort of lost me with a nevertheless acceptable third act fight. Let me explain. The great thing about the film is that it completely gets Diana, n a way that's been rare even in the comics. Her strength is based on willfulness and compassion, and I loved just about everything that came out of her mouth. At the same time, this is the 21st-Century's only DC movie to actually allow its hero to be inspirational, none of that "humans back away from hero in fear" bullcrap. Gal Dadot is immediately Wonder Woman. Throw in some lighter comedic moments thanks to Chris Pine (whose comic timing is excellent) and Lucy Davis and the film balances the bleak war story well with fish out of water elements. Wonder Woman was the best thing about Batman v Superman, but BvS is the worst thing about Wonder Woman. That is to say, the house style established in Man of Steel, BvS, etc., with slow-mo, 3D-friendly fights/painted "panels" keeps reminding you this is the "Snyderverse" and, for me, threatens to grind the film to a standstill every time it's used. And it's used a LOT. So I wish Diana had really been up against the spectre of war as opposed to a fightable manifestation of it, because that's where the drama lay, in her coming up against the futility of trying to fix Man's World. But formulaic superhero plot aside, what we got was a definitive, powerful Wonder Woman that had all the ladies coming out of the theater "empowered" and swinging, and I hope the suits finally get it that female action heroes are just as engaging as male ones, and from novelty at this point, more so. 5 months 2 weeks ago
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