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95 min.
Morgan Neville
Biography, Documentary
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10.8% (1:9)
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  1. frankqb's avatar


    This is a wonderful film.

    While some might consider the film to be a bit preachy, by the end (and by preachy, I mean bordering on religious), it largely avoids proselytizing and sticks to universal fundamentals of love and other life-affirming qualities. This is a wonderful film that explains so many wonderful things about a very interesting person. Like a two-hour counselling session, I felt like this film opened doors in my head that I didn't remember existing. Fred Rogers, and indeed this film, had/has that effect on people. It's an emotional ride that really makes one evaluate the modern world a little bit differently. It makes me think that much of the resurgence of dislike for Rogers (as shown in the film) had to do with his ability to make people (and children) feel self-sufficient, satisfied, fully loved and human. Those are not qualities that mass media, the rich and power-hungry want from a populace. To paraphrase something in a book I remember reading once, a mall full of zen monks doesn't make much money.

    The first half hour or so of the film is a litlte ho-hum, but the last three quarters are so wonderfully loving and warm that I can't help but gush over this lovely film. Go see it. Feel free to be you. You are great the way you are. I wish the whole world could see this film and that we could all reconnect with our own sense of self-worth.

    4.5 stars out of 5
    2 years 1 month ago
  2. nowhereman136's avatar


    this documentary is probably the most wholesome movie ive seen all year. my one complaint was that it showed very little of his personal life. there was almost no mention of his parents, how he met his wife, what he was like around his kids, etc. This was completely focused on his relationship with his tv show. Which is, by itself, fascinating enough, it just hammers in the one emotion.

    2 years 1 month ago
  3. catherinefrances's avatar


    If I ever have kids, I will show them his show. What a wonderful documentary! 1 year ago
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