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117 min.
Ridley Scott
Sci-Fi, Horror
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8.6% (1:12)
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  1. Captain Qynce's avatar

    Captain Qynce

    always, always save the cat. 6 years 6 months ago
  2. Filmsthemostbeautifulart's avatar


    I have seen a dozen alien movies including Alien vs. Predator. I even knew what the alien looks like so I wasn't having high expectations from this movie. But, It got me, boy! From beginning till the end, the movie was astounding. Unlike other movies which are made today (which show a lot of gore and are very action packed) Alien is the only alien movie that gives a creepy feeling of "We are not alone". Unlike today's movies, they spent the first few minutes only to show us the entire the art-direction of the ship and how it works. Surprisingly enough, all the important scenes take place in these areas. Ridley Scott very cleverly creates the tension, slowly and slowly and a bit fast and a bit more fast and then a bang in the end! I still wonder how the hell they must have created those creatures and that too with extremely higher detail. The story to has a hard solid structures with pretty shocking twists. This movie is not like those non-sense action horror movies where you just watch people dying. Alien is way ahead of even today's film-making. It's a true benchmark like 2001 A space Odyssey. It's a highly recommended masterpiece.

    6 years 11 months ago
  3. Jok3r's avatar


    [9/10] Ridley Scott sure knows how to make unique atmospheric science-fiction films (Blade Runner and Prometheus). And Alien is nothing short of a classic marvel. Unlike other horror movies, Alien builds up on slow intense uprising of monstrosities instead of cheap thrills, that runs at the perfect pace throughout it's entirety.

    Sigourney Weaver, plays the lead role of Warrent Officer Ellen Ripley with great command. She has little interest in the hope of finding any aliens or exploration, as her main job was to head back home with her crew from the Nostromo, after extracting tons of mineral ores from planets in the neighbouring stellar systems.
    But, fate, coupled along with a larger conspiracy, leads Ripley's team from one catastrophe to another and her eventual infallible hatred for the aliens becomes a long running thread featured through all future alien movies.

    Again, Ridley Scott sure knows how to take the 'Fear of the Unknown' theme to a whole new level and craft it into movies with respectable aesthetics. And the pacing of Alien, in the current age and day, is still regarded in terms of bleak poetry. The only reason why I can't give this movie a perfect 10 is because of the stupid cat, Mr. Jones. I am pretty sure most of us could agree, in attempts of saving the darn cat, the survival chances of some of the crew members reduced to a minimum, along with some unrealistic scenes as well. [9/10]
    6 years 11 months ago
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