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    First off, let me say that this isn't my kind of movie. Nolan is a great director, but the spectacle-heavy, story-centric action movies aren't me bag. I prefer focus on character. But, that's just me. For what it is, it's very good; the action is spectacular, as it generally is in a Christopher Nolan film. Cobb is very similar to Leonard from Memento (so similar to the point of being almost interchangeable, in my opinion). Actually, this whole film reminded me of a slightly less good Memento. It's certainly different, with the focus more on regret than vengeance, but both lead the main character to spoiler. And, also similarly to memento, spoiler. The many core similarities left me slightly irked. But, I think the biggest issue, which comes naturally with a high concept story such as this one, is frequent and long exposition dumps. This is one of the reasons I prefer a character-driven story. I'd rather learn about the characters than the mechanics of the world. Because of this, the story tends to slow down in a few spots, where minutes are devoted to explaining the rules.

    Still, that doesn't keep this from being an engaging thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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    anything with guns
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