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130 min.
Jordan Peele
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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5.8% (1:17)
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  1. wloper's avatar


    While not the slam dunk that "Get Out" is, "Nope" still contains fantastic visuals, sound work, as well as some truly startling sequences. The ideas contained within take a little more uncovering, but the more I think about "Nope", the more I find myself liking this movie. 1 year 9 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    One the surface, Nope is a cool horror twist on the ol' alien abduction story, visually interesting, funny when it wants to be, tense when it needs to be, and extremely well-constructed, its Chekhov's guns organic rather than forced. But the choices Jordan Peele makes force you to scratch beyond that surface at what meaning might be hidden underneath. I came out of this thinking it was Peele's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, with much of the humor coming from the vacuity of the projects various characters take pride in. A story about exploitation (of animals, child actors, tragedy, even self-exploitation), doing everything for "the money shot" including putting people in danger or burning them out (art as commodity is definitely a theme, note the extended Monopoly riff), and a sense that if you don't exploit yourself, someone else will. And in the context of Peele's oeuvre (seeing as the first piece of film shows an unknown black man on a horse, equating the two), that exploitation and thoughtless abuse is of African-Americans. Here, I thought of Childish Gambino's This Is America - African-Americans in the entertainment industry becoming acceptable "as spectacle" to white audiences, but at what personal or cultural cost? Look at me! Make me famous! That's the only way to be safe and thrive! Say the characters, says the monster. 1 year 9 months ago
  3. Aniform's avatar


    Absolutely had a blast with this film, it was fun it was energizing. I was just fully on board with the ride and truly excited. I wasn't bored for the entire run time it was such a thrill.

    I've always said, that what it really comes down to for me is how a movie makes me feel. I don't care about plot, I don't care about a movie even making sense at all. Just as long as I come away having felt something. Be it laughter, tears, frights, thrills. This movie was just fun as could be. This is straight up the best horror/thriller whatever you want to call it in years for me. It filled me with wonder and was so refreshingly new that I was engaged.
    8 months 3 weeks ago
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