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119 min.
Brian De Palma
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Rating *
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5.4% (1:19)
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  1. Advent's avatar


    I thought this was a really entertaining period piece. The scenery is well crafted and De Palma's direction well establishes the gritty and unpleasant world of Prohibition. The violence further proves that point. They're bloody and intense but it never goes too far. It sticks to a sort of old school but bloodier Howard Hawks aesthetic and I think it fits pretty well.

    De Niro is a bit hammy but nevertheless his usual brand of committed professionalism. Connery is a wonderfully fun Badass Grandpa and his presence makes you overlook the fact this clearly Scottish man is supposed to be Irish.

    The only major problem I have with the movie is Kevin Costner. Oh my sweet jesus, he is so BORING! I was amazed at how any person could care less about anything.
    And it's a shame because I can tell Elliot Ness is a good character on paper. When Capone one ups him time after time I can see where a different actor could bring the anger and frustration. Costner just doesn't. He is so emotionless and uncharasmatic that I couldn't care about his plight.

    Even still, it is entertaining.
    3 years 5 months ago
  2. Josh_Glover's avatar


    Kevin Costner's final line was hilarious. 4 years 11 months ago
  3. frankqb's avatar


    Led with epic grandeur by the beautiful score by Ennio Morricone, "The Untouchables" is a straight-up cops and robbers film for the ages. Though it has its fair share of hammish acting, poor special effects and a predictable and boring script, the film is a fun, lovingly faithful recreation of the days of Al Capone and Elliott Ness. Stylish and cool, but not without problems and a vague sense of emptiness. 7 years ago
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