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Doubling the Canon list updated

02 April, 2010 — 26 comments

Not so long ago, the Doubling the Canon list was updated so a lot of people requested us to update the list. Well, we did. We also updated the ordering of the German list as it was off. Go check out both lists:


25 February, 2011 — 24 comments

Today iCheckMovies will experience several hours of downtime as our servers will be moved to another server park. This is necessary for us to…

Duplicate entries

08 February, 2011 — 24 comments

Over the last couple of days, we have received quite a lot of emails notifying us of duplicate entries in the database. This is due to the…

Duplicate entries: fixed

11 February, 2011 — 14 comments

We have fixed the duplicate entries problem! All existing duplicates have been removed (and none can be added). If you do happen to find any…

Fast messaging

06 November, 2009

You guys have probably noted that viewing your messages was at times quite a slow operation.…


Five new lists

30 October, 2009

We know most of you guys are always hungry for new top lists, so we listened to what you…


Fixed AKA titles

20 October, 2009

Okay, so a lot of you guys preferred to have films listed by their original title instead of…


Foreign lists

15 December, 2009

We know that you guys are passionate about films and really like variety in our top lists.…


Four new official lists

03 November, 2019

It’s been over 10 years that this site has been running and we are thankful for the…


Happy New Year!

14 January, 2018

Welcome to a new year and with it the usual slew of updates to the awards and year end…


Home Improvement

01 May, 2012 — 70 comments

How To Get Ahead in Advertising

23 June, 2011 — 58 comments

iCheckMovies Facebook group

04 August, 2010 — 15 comments

iCheckMovies: The Next Generation

27 December, 2011 — 113 comments

iCM 2.0 preview: checking any movie

08 May, 2010 — 110 comments
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